Saturday, March 22, 2014

Circle of Bliss

This evening (its 11:32pm) I am feeling blissfully fatigued. Yesterday was Mabon here in Australia and yesterday evening saw me gathering with a 13 witch circle made up of truly unique and amazing individuals in celebration of the passing Equinox. It was a such a blissful event, so open, relaxed and nurturing and I feel truly grateful to have been gifted the opportunity to attend such and open and welcoming space.

There is such joy to be found in group magickal workings, if I'm being truthful, I feel rather homesick each an every time I find myself in sacred space with others. It is so reminiscent of home and coven work that it tugs ever so gently at my more "exposed" I guess you could say, heart strings. Nevertheless it triggers the most delicious memories, all of which I'm quite grateful for.

Today on the other had, was busy in a different way, I had client readings to complete and the first proved to be the longest reading I have even done in my professional career as a Tarot reader and I'm certain the introspective energy of the passing Sabbath had a lot to do with the way this mornings readings was carried out, I shall be vlogging about it later.

It was amazing though, my beautiful client had chosen a spread the screamed of balance and I thoroughly enjoyed that small yet rather significant fact. And as I surrendered to the intoxicating aroma of Palo Santo the level of message that came through was mind blowing. So for the entire time that I sat at my laptop typing out the reading, I was enveloped by wave upon wave of intuitive "Fuzziness" so electrifying that the hairs on my arms and legs were standing on end and the nape of my neck was left tingling.

I love working with my cards during or around a sabbath, the energy is naturally so intense. Not to mention hectic with spiritual duties the likes of which I just love so much.  It does however lead me into my current state of exhaustion which is kind of awesome and so, off to bed I go while setting the intention for some lovely lucid dreaming to match that of yesterdays evening of potent dreams, lets see how I go.

What a day people, what a day and what a night too!

Bright beautiful blessings to you ~ Avalon xo

Mabon Altar where I blessed and charged 2 of my new decks

Mabon Altar at the Pagan Spiral's Sabbath celebrations 

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